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In March 2000, a sudden change in the current UFO sightings reported in Mexico took place when Salvador Guerrero, one of the most respected skywatchers with many hours of UFO videos had a rare sighting. While doing his regular skywatch on the roof of his home in Colonia Agricola Oriental, Guerrero encountered something so bizarre, it has opened an entirely new chapter in the history of Mexican UFO research.

This was not just another common UFO witnessed by Salvador over the city for the past several years, this was something utterly different and intriguing. At first, Salvador thought the object could be a dark UFO high in the sky, so he started videotaping as usual. When he pressed the camera’s zoom, he couldn’t believe what he saw through the viewfinder.

The dark humanoid figure was floating at a high altitude but Salvador’s years of experience in skywatching allowed him to track this dark object in the sky and he was able to make an excellent recording of the incredibly myterious experience. The dark humanoid creature remained stationary in the same spot for several minutes, spinning slowly with arms and legs ‘outstretched’ all the time. The object then began to move, disappearing behind a building.

Salvador Guerrero’s March, 2000 flying humanoid sighting signaled the beginning of a series of similar sightings in Mexico, and more reports and videos of these strange flying creatures followed creating a state of intense interest among Mexican ufologists.


During the investigation on Salvador Guerrero’s March 2000 flying humanoid case, a similar incident surfaced in Cuernavaca, Morelos where Amado Marquez, another respected skywatcher and friend to Salvador, told him that he also videotaped an odd thing in the sky on February, 2000 but due to the bizarre nature of the sighting he decided not to make the video public.

According to Amado Marques’ description that day, he was doing his routine skywatch on the roof of his home when he noticed a dark object was approaching and began videotaping it. Looking through his viewfinder, he received a big surprise. Marquez described what he caught on video as a “little man” flying horizontally in a standing position with the legs opened all the time. Marquez added he never saw parachute, wings or anything alike – just the dark flying man with legs opened.

On July 2000, Gerardo Valenzuela from Cuernavaca, Morelos, respected skywatcher and mutual friend of Salvador Guerrero and Amado Marquez, had a unusual sighting of a dark tall body with humanoid characteristics descending slowly over the valley. Gerardo took a great video and the mysterious humanoid creature is seen descending until it dissapears behind a hill.

In October 1, 2000, La Prensa newspaper from Mexico City published a report from a commercial airline pilot telling of sighting of a “little flying man” witnessed by him and the copilot during their descent to Mexico City’s airport.

According to the article: “A comercial airline pilot from AeroCalifornia who wanted to omit his name to avoid problems in his work reported the sighting of a “little flying man” who was flying at the same altitude of the plane before landing. According to the pilot this “flying man” had a kind of backpack in his back and was flying freely. The pilot added he saw perfectly well arms and legs.

On February 14, 2004, Ana Luisa Cid and two more witnesses videotaped one of the most disconcerting and controversial sightings that we have seen in years of research. This incident took place in Mexico City.

The dark object looked like a big black body below and a kind of vibrating structure above, joined together and almost stationary…balancing itself in the same spot. At that moment, Ana Luisa wondered if this was an helicopter coming toward her or an unknown aircraft. A big surprise was coming…

In a few minutes, a smaller, dark object appeared in the scenario from below and was absorbed by the big one. Then the whole object split apart. The lower body looked like a big dark creature with a kind of cloak waving to the air. The upper body looked like a winged creature that seemed to be vibrating and balancing like a pendulum.

A minute later, the smaller dark body was released again from the ‘cloaked’ creature and went flying to the right dissapearing behind a mountain. The two remaining bodies joined together again after some time, and then disappeared into the horizon.

This bizarre incident is known as ‘The Entity Reunion in the Sky’ and remains a complete mystery.

The flying humanoid sightings from Mexico continue to be reported. One of the most recent reports – with video – is the June 17, 2005 sighting by Horacio Roquet who along with his sister witnessed a dark tall humanoid creature floating above a building and looking at him in a threatening manner. The incident took place in Unidad Habitacional Lomas de Platero.

According to Horacio Roquet’s testimonial, this flying humanoid had a device attached to his waist emitting light with a red glow.



Below a mix of (very) old reports till recent cases

Brooklyn Batman

Over 100 years ago, a man named W. H. Smith told the New York Sunthat he saw a “winged human form” flying over Brooklyn, New York on September 18, 1877. Just about three years later, there were multiple reports from Coney Island, Brooklyn, of a man with bat-like wings flying overhead at approximately 1,000 feet. The man was flying toward the New Jersey coast, witnesses told theNew York Times, and that he bore a “cruel and determined expression” on his face.

Wingless Angel

It’s easy to dismiss such sightings as misidentified birds or alcohol-induced illusions when one or two people report them. When as many as 240 people, however, attest to seeing the same thing, the reports are far more difficult to discount. Such a sighting look place over several of days in June, 1905 in Voltana, Spain. The accounts consistently described a woman dressed in white flying through the air – without the aid of wings. The woman sometimes flew against the wind, and one woman said she might have heard it singing as it passed

Flying Robot

It was the winter of 1936 in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan in what was then the U.S.S.R. when this sighting took place. Mrs. E. E. Loznaya was a 15-year-old girl then, and one day as she was walking to school on a quiet road, her attention was caught by a strange figure above her. Flying quickly across the sky was a man-like figure dressed completely in black. Despite its speed, the girl was able to see and describe it clearly. He was “of medium height and his black clothes covered him completely, like overalls,” she said. It made a rumbling noise and appeared to her to be wearing a helmet of some kind, had a black surface where the face should have been, and wore a “rucksack” on its back.

Russian Legend

There had been legends of a flying man in the Soviet Union, but not quite like the one described above. Hunters around the Sikhote Mountains near Vladivostok claimed to have come across prints of a barefoot human that ended abruptly, as if he had taken off into the air. Such a creature was actually seen by writer V.K. Arsenyev in July, 1908. “I saw the mark on the path that was very similar to a man’s footprint… then something rushed about nearby trampling among the bushes. Then I stooped, picked up a stone and threw it towards the unknown animal. Then something happened that was quite unexpected: I heard the beating of wings. Something large and dark emerged from the fog and flew over the river.”

Brazilian Birdmen

In the early 1950s, a couple was taking an evening stroll near their home by the sea at Pelotas, Brazil. When two fast-moving shadows crossed their path, they looked up to see what they at first thought were two enormous birds flying about 30 feet above the ground. It was soon evident to the couple that these were not birds at all when the two flying creatures descended vertically and landed not far away. It was then clear that they looked like men, standing about six feet tall. Discovering they were being watched by the couple, the two “birdmen” squatted close to the ground, as if trying to hide. The female half of the couple convinced her husband to leave – and quickly.

Mad Inventors?

Several people saw a flying man over Chehalis, Washington on January 6, 1948. Bernice Zaikowski was one of them. She was soon joined by some schoolchildren who asked to come into her garden to get a better view of the aerial mystery. The man, in an upright position, was hovering just 20 feet above her barn, she estimated. He was apparently kept aloft by long silver wings that were strapped to his body. He seemed to have controls of some kind on his chest, which he worked to maneuver himself with a lot of whizzing noise.

A strikingly similar case was reported eight years later in Falls City, Nebraska. On a fall afternoon in 1956, “John Hanks” saw a winged creature flying only about 15 feet above the ground. Its wings were like shiny aluminum and had multi-colored lights running along their underside. The wings, spanning 15 feet, were clearly attached to the man by means of a shoulder harness. This flying man also had some kind of control panel affixed to his chest, and he manipulated the dials as he flew. This sighting could be attributed to some remarkable invention if not for the witnesses description of the flying man himself: leathery wrinkled skin, large watery blue eyes and a face that was “very frightening, almost demonic.” The witness also attested that he was paralyzed as this “man” flew over.

In April 1948, in the city of Longview, Washington, two witnesses saw no fewer than three helmeted men flying around in a similar manner. The witnesses could see no motors or propellers, yet it seemed to them that they could hear motor-like sounds. (It’s worth noting the similarity of these last three accounts to ultralight aircraft or hang gliders; but of course, they hadn’t been invented yet.)

Flying Man Returns

In 1952, Sinclair Taylor, a young soldier on guard duty at Camp Okubu near Kyoto, Japan, likewise saw a flying thing he first thought was a bird. As it came closer and hovered above him, the guard could distinguish that it had a man’s body that, if he were standing, would be seven feet tall. Its wingspan was also estimated at seven feet. Feeling threatened, he fired at the being with his rifle, but whatever it was had vanished. Strangely, when the guard reported the incident, his sergeant revealed that another guard had a similar experience the previous year.

Fantasy Flier

Some marines got Bob Hope as entertainment during theVietnam War. Others were even luckier. Three U.S. Marines standing guard one night in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1969 were also approached by a winged creature, but this one was tantalizingly different. As the creature flew closer and closer, they could see that it had the form of a naked woman. She was completely black and had enormous bat-like wings. She glowed, they said, with an eerie greenish light.

Texas Batman

On June 18, 1953 in Houston, Texas, three people were enjoying a hot summer night on their front porch. The night turned unbelievably strange when they saw a winged creature alight in a nearby pecan tree. It was, they said, “the figure of a man with wings like a bat. He was dressed in gray or black tight-fitting clothes. He stood there for about thirty seconds, swaying on the branch of the old pecan tree.” They further described him as wearing a cape and quarter-length boots. Most oddly, one witness claimed he was enveloped in a “halo of light.”


Some examples of more recent cases of Flying Humanoids

Flying Humanoids Filmed Over Mexican Skies, 2007

Article: Flying Humanoids of Mexico

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Flying humanoids / 2008

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Then you see a few examples of very small flying humanoids

Tiny Flying Humanoids

Watch video: Tiny humanoids

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and we turn back to two another recent cases and the amazing story of the Flying Humanoid in Polen

Flying Humanoid – Phoenix Arizona / 2007

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Flying Humanoid – Santa Monica SA / 2004

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The story of the Flying Humanoid in Polen / 2000

I received information on a very bizarre UFO account that occurred in the country of Poland in 2000 from a correspondent of mine named Piotr. I have been exchanging information with him for many years now, and I can tell you he is a reliable journalist and investigator of UFOs, and certainly not given to fanciful accounts without doing background research on a case, and also checking the eyewitnesses’ credibility.This particular case involved two witnesses and an unknown flying entity. The events unfolded in the city of Koniewo, which is located in the northern part of Poland.

Our principal witness and reporter of the incident was one Mariusz G. At the time of the incident, he was a paramedic working for a hospital in the city of Olsztyn. He had been to visit a friend, and was returning home to a small village where he lived. About half way through the journey, there is a valley with two sharp curves. The winding part of the journey was surrounded by a forest.

He was traveling by bicycle, and accompanied by a friend when he reached the forested section of the trip. It was about 11:00 PM, and the Moon was bright, when Mariusz had a feeling to look to his right. As he did, he was stunned to see a figure flying above the tops of the trees. His friend also saw the strange creature, flying without the use of any type of vehicle! Both men clearly saw the creature.

Mariusz’s friend threw his bike down, and ran as fast as he could into the forest. Mariusz however, stood his ground, attempting to find a reasonable explanation for what he was seeing. He states that he could feel his heart in his throat at he watched the unusual sight before him. He became even more frightened when he began to hear loud, rumbling sounds coming from the forest that surrounded him, and now secreted away his companion.

He now felt that he should have joined his friend in the trees of the forest, but after a time, the loud noised began to fade. He now pedaled as fast as he could, and found his friend in a nearby village. After regaining their composure, they retraced their journey back to their friend’s house, and asked for a ride from his mother. The two witnesses would estimate the entire experience with the frightening being lasted no more than a minute… a minute they will never forget.

Mariusz described the flying entity in this manner:

“It was flying on its side with its face toward us. It was long-haired and about 2 meters in height. It appeared above the road and then disappeared in the branches. It wasn’t equipped with any device: it was simply levitating on its side and flying ahead. It was a gray figure. Was it dressed? It’s a good question. It was about 100 meters away from us. The body outline was detectable as well as long hair.”

Although the unusual case of the flying entity is quite bizarre, the witnesses are well regarded, serious, individuals who have never reported anything like the entity or made any other strange reports since the incident of 2000. There have been several reports and even video film taken of flying humanoids in the country of Mexico, and also in Arizona in the United States. Are these occupants of a UFO? None was reported in this case, yet the strange, rumbling sounds in the forest could indicate as much. For now, the case will remain a mystery.

Finally we end with recent cases of (possible) Flying Humanoids

Flying alien ( humanoid ?) over Baaria, Italy / 2010

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Does York woman’s holiday picture reveal a flying Humanoid?/ 2010

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It is extremely difficult to try to define the nature or motives of all these specific cases involving human-shaped bodies…or flying creatures

Despite the amount of evidence and testimonials , we still don’t have any clue as to what we are facing hereWe recognize that these cases defy common sense

And yet, this fascinating flying humanoid phenomena is happenning and continues amazing us

please decide for yourself whether these creatures really exist or not…



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