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The official version of the events at Roswell that there was no alien spacecraft crashed on Earth. But the accumulating evidence that something of unknown origin has come down and it was found and exploited because of its incredibly advanced technology.

The most famous testimony of the Roswell crash is perhaps that of retired Col. Philip Corso. In his amazing book The Day After Roswell describes Corso that in 1961 he received orders from General Trudeau, the then Head of Research & Development of the army, the technologies and devices that the army from the wreckage at Roswell was brought to Bell Labs, IBM, Monsanto and a few companies to smuggle.

Forensic investigator Bill McDonald no doubt about the origin of the vehicle. Based on in-depth interviews with surviving eyewitnesses, including men of the Counter Intelligence Corps who were there, and after sifting through suits testimony in five years research were brought together, says McDonald that the Roswell vehicle is created by an extraterrestrial civilization , a society that lost several members who came to examine our nuclear tests.

When he talks about the Roswell vehicle and the crew has, he talks with a hushed, almost reverent voice.

Read the story on the planet where two suns in the sky, 11 earth astronauts 13 years have spent on this planet, there are two deceased, there are two remained and the rest returned in 1978 and now deceased. It’s about 3000 pages of Serpo report.

Ronald Reagan will be between 6 and March 8, 1981 informed the two space ships at Roswell and Datil, New Mexico crashed. He was briefed by former CIA Director W.Casey, then Minister of Defence C. Weinberger and various consultants. There was one survivor, called EBE, an alien from the planet Serpo, at 38.42 light years from Earth in the Zeta Reticuli system.

The final report of Project Serpo was released on Wednesday, November 2, 2005. After much wrangling, the project was partially made public, because the time limit on secret government projects (25 years) had expired.

The United States of America have been visited by aliens since 1947, but there is much evidence that the Earth many thousands of years by different civilizations visited by extraterrestrial origin.

In July 1947 there is something remarkable occurred in New Mexico. During a storm, two alien spaceships crashed in Datil, New Mexico. The U.S. military took the final two places and lock all the material and a live alien.

It was called EBE-1, which EPE is an abbreviation for extraterrestrial biological entity.This creature was not human.

All material and EPE’s the first crash were taken to the air base of Roswell charged.EBE was treated for minor injuries and then transferred to Los Alamos, the safest and most secure base in the world. A special accommodation made for EBE. The material was finally brought to Dayton, Ohio home to the alien technology division of the U.S. Air Force.

The second crash was not discovered earlier than in 1949 by some farmers. There were no live aliens found this place. All material was taken to the Sandia Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico charged.

In the first vessel 5 were deceased and one living alien. The bodies of the dead were sent to Wright Field, Ohio, transported and stored in a freezer type. Later they were transported to Los Alamos where special contrainers were made to prevent the bodies perished.


At the place where the second aircraft crashed four bodies were recovered. These bodies were in advanced state of decomposition. The remains were also brought to the Sandia Air Force base and to Los Alamos. Both crashed ships were almost identical in design and found the bodies looked the same. They have no human characteristics, except for eyes, ears and mouth. Their bodies are different than ours, their skin and breathing. The blood was not red, and their brain was entirely different from that of a human. Their eyes had two different eyes, probably because their home planet is very clear.

EBE-1 remained alive until 1952 when it died. Although EBE had no vocal organs as humans, able to communicate through a surgery performed by military doctors. EBE was extremely intelligent and quickly learned English mainly by listening to the military personnel who were responsible for EBE’s safety and care.

EBE was housed in a special area in Los Alamos and Sandia (Albuquerque). Although a wide variety of military doctors, scholars and a select number of people studied EBE, never got upset and was angry. EPE helped staff to learn where all items were in the crashed two ships were found.

EBE explained where it lived in the universe. We call it Zeta Reticuli star system, which is about 40 light years (38.42) away from Earth. It took nine months to the alien spaceship the distance of 40 light years to bridge. Their spaceships can travel through a kind of space tunnel , from A to B, without having the speed of light having to travel.

The army ensures two spacecraft in New Mexico, both heavily damaged. The two spacecraft were considered by scholars technical feats. The tools were so advanced that the scientists could not decipher. The two spacecraft were stored in a secure location in the west.


At the request of the U.S. Air Force and the CIA, several independent scientific studies conducted during the period of Project Blue Book. MJ-12 decided in 1966 that the U.S. Air Force all their investigations into UFO sightings should cease. The reason was that the United States had made contact with extraterrestrials. The U.S. were relatively sure that the extraterrestrial exploration of the Earth was not aggressive and hostile. It was also found that the presence of aliens is not an immediate threat to the security of the U.S.

In addition, the public began to believe that UFOs were real. The National Security Council felt that this public feeling could lead to national panic as everything would be revealed what they knew about UFOs and alien visits. Furthermore, MJ-12 with the National Security Council decided that all research would continue in secret without public knowledge since the release of secrets about UFOs and alien visits panic among the religious leaders around the world would cause.

The extraterrestrial civilization that EBE-1 comes from is what we call community-EBEN.It was not a name they gave us, but the Army chose a name. Their lifespan is between 350 and 400 years. The technology they use is thousands of years ahead of ours. EBEN the planet (which they themselves Serpo) has time very differently than on Earth. A day lasts for approximately 40 hours and measured by the movement of their two suns. Their suns are not like ours. There is daylight throughout the 40 hours, except for a brief period where both the sun hit the horizon.

The EBEN beings are extremely peaceful and would never harm a human or animal.Besides the Eben there are other extraterrestrial civilizations and the American intelligence services know about it . So they called in 1961 in Canada a Trantaloid imprisoned until he died in 1962. The ships collected are tested in and around Liverpool Moor flown around Edwards Air Force Base, but kept in Nevada, Area 51, Groom Lake Complex.

For all to protect this information and the fact that the U.S. government has evidence that our planet is visited by aliens, has over the years developed a very effective program to protect this information. The Dove Project is called a complex series of disinformation operations by all military intelligence to mislead the public.

There are many partnerships between government, the Air Force and the film industry.The first cooperative project was the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and the movie “Close Encounters” was a collaboration between the U.S. Air Force and the film industry in order to mislead the public. Now begin to awaken humanity en masse, it is increasingly difficult for the UFO phenomenon and alien visits secret.

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